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Box 1 Educational content of counseling sessions based on the principles of GATHER

From: The effect of family-based counseling on domestic violence in pregnant women referring to health centers in Sahneh city, Iran, 2018

GATHER Greeting Greeting and communicating with mother and her family
Ask Interacting with mother and asking about her living conditions and stimuli for escalating violence
Tell Providing useful information and telling the factors affecting the incidence of violence and ways to prevent it and explaining the consequences of domestic violence on the outcome of pregnancy for the pregnant mother’s family
Help Helping the mother and her family choose the best way to decrease the rate of incidence of violence
Explain Encouraging good communication with each other and enhancing communication and adaptation methods in dealing with problems and right choosing of the alternative behavior for problem solving, stress Management and improve communication skills, proper behavior in marital and sexual relations. Through all these strategies, the family (spouse) of the woman was asked to help her better observe these recommendations and help her with supporting from her; then the clients gave their Feedback on the information given
Refer Pregnant woman’s follow-up was carried out at the next session. The researcher first took feedback on the previous solutions, examined their problems, and then advised them if they did not succeed