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Table 3 Microbial diversity in each study

From: Systematic review of gut microbiota and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

No. Study Alpha diversity index Alpha diversity Beta diversity index Beta diversity
1 Aarts et al. [12] Shannon, Chao1 No significant differences
2 Jiang et al. [9] ACE, Chao1, Shannon, Simpson No significant differences Unweighted and weighted UniFrac, Bray–Curtis PCoA Could not be differentiated
3 Prehn-Kristensen et al. [14] Shannon, Chao1 Decreased (pShannon = 0.036) ANOSIM, ADONIS, Betadisper from the R package vegan v2.4–1 Differed significantly (pANOSIM = 0.033; pADONIS = 0.006; pbetadisper = 0.002)
4 Wang et al. [10] Shannon, Chao1 Shannon index (p = 0.0378) and Chao index (p = 0.0351) were increased significantly in ADHD
Simpson index (p = 0.0339) was decreased significantly in ADHD
Unweighted & weighted UniFrac, PCoA No significant differences
5 Wan et al. [11] Shannon, Chao1, Simpson No significant differences
6 Szopinska-Tokov et al. [13] Shannon–Wiener, Faith’s phylogenetic diversity No significant differences UniFrac distance metric, ADONIS, Betadisper ver 2.5–2, PCoA Differed significantly (10 genera showed nominal difference)