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Table 1 Item and instrument descriptive statistics and reliability indices (n = 135)

From: Sequential screening for depression in humanitarian emergencies: a validation study of the Patient Health Questionnaire among Syrian refugees

ItemMeanSDCronbach’s α*Response rate (%)
Had little interest or enjoyment in doing things? (p1)
Felt down, depressed, or hopeless? (p2)
Had trouble falling or staying asleep, or sleeping too much? (p3)1.551.220.7597
Felt tired or having little energy? (p4)1.351.100.7395
Had a poor appetite or overeating? (p5)1.451.180.7697
Felt bad about yourself—or that you have let yourself or someone you cared about down? (p6)
Had trouble concentrating on things, such as reading or listening to music? (p7)0.881.110.7696
Moved more slowly, or the opposite, more quickly than usual? (p8)
Sequential screening87
  1. SD standard deviation, PHQ-2 2-item Patient Health Questionnaire, PHQ-8 8-item Patient Health Questionnaire
  2. *The Cronbach’s alpha values corresponding to each item are the values resulting from the removal of the item from the full instrument