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Table 2 Data extracted from the selected studies (N = 5)

From: Efficacy of nicotine administration on obsessions and compulsions in OCD: a systematic review

First author/s (year of publication) Country Study design (number of participants) Method and method of nicotine administration Assessment methods Key findings
With treatment as outcome
Carlsson and Carlsson [30] Sweden Case report (N = 1) Monotherapy; 2 mg chewing gums × 8 weeks, then > 1 year with doses escalated by patient Y-BOCS 1 DSM-IV OCD outpatient. ↓ Y-BOCS total score (45.45%) and obsession and compulsion subscale scores
Salín-Pascual and Basañez-Villa [82] Mexico Randomized controlled (N = 11) Monotherapy; 17.5 mg transdermal patches × 5 consecutive days Y-BOCS, BAI, BDI 6 DSM-IV OCD female and 5 DSM-IV OCD male outpatients. ↓ Y-BOCS total score (36.20%) and compulsion subscale scores. ↓ BAI scores. No changes in BDI scores
Lundberg et al. [59] Sweden Case series (N = 5) Monotherapy or add-on therapy; 17.5 mg transdermal patches × 3 weeks, then 2 mg chewing gums × 5 weeks Y-BOCS, NIMH-GOCS, BAI, BDI, GAF 5 DSM-IV OCD outpatients. ↓ Y-BOCS total score (26.63%) and obsession and compulsion subscale scores, as well as ↓ NIMH-OCS scores, in 3/5 (60%) patients. ↓ BAI and BDI scores. ↑ GAF scores (7.84%) after 15 weeks
Pasquini et al. [75] Italy Case report (N = 1) Add-on therapy; 4 mg chewing gums × 4 months Y-BOCS, CGIs 1 DSM-IV-TR OCD outpatient. ↓ Y-BOCS total score (39.50%) and obsession and compulsion subscale scores. ↓ CGIs scores (= 2)
Evaluation of cognition, but providing data on OCD symptoms
Caldirola et al. [28] Italy Cross-sectional (N = 40) comparison of smokers (N = 20) vs. nonsmokers (N = 20) Usual smoking habits (cigarettes or no nicotine intake); all 40 patients were on SSRIs, tricyclic antidepressants, and/or antipsychotic drugs Y-BOCS, CANTAB 40 DSM-IV-TR OCD inpatients. No difference in Y-BOCS and CANTAB scores between smokers and nonsmokers. The longer-term smokers had more cognitive impairment
  1. BAI Beck Anxiety Inventory, BDI Beck Depression Inventory, CANTAB Cambridge Automated Neuropsychological Test Battery, CGIs Clinical Global Impressions Scale-severity, GAF Global Assessment of Functioning, NIMH-GOCS National Institute of Mental Health Global Obsessive–Compulsive Scale, Y-BOCS Yale-Brown Obsessive–Compulsive Scale