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Table 2 Recommendations and positional statements in proposing LAI antipsychotics in the management of patients with schizophrenia

From: The role of shared decision-making in improving adherence to pharmacological treatments in patients with schizophrenia: a clinical review

Use a SDM-based approach, informing the patient in a clear and simple way and accepting his/her requests
Be welcoming towards patients who are afraid of needles, without minimizing their fear
If the patient has had previous negative experiences with another LAI antipsychotic, reassure him/her and explain clearly why it is desirable to start the new LAI antipsychotic
Emphasize to the patient that he/she will not have to take oral therapy, will no longer have the risk of forgetting it and the annoyance of carrying tablets along
Communicate that LAI antipsychotics are better than oral drugs in preventing relapses and re-hospitalizations
Propose LAI antipsychotics in the early stages of illness, explaining that a stable therapy is associated with a better outcome
Involve family members and caregivers in the decision process
  1. LAI long acting injection, SDM shared decision making