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Table 3 Criminal and work-related factors of prisoners in Diredawa correctional facility, Diredawa, Eastern Ethiopia, 2017 (n = 421)

From: Poor sleep quality and associated factors among prisoners of the Diredawa correctional facility in eastern Ethiopia

Independent variableCategoryFrequency (n)Percent (%)
Crime typeViolent crime13145.4
Non-violent crime13732.5
Duration of sentence ≤ 1 year4811.4
1–5 years16238.46
6–10 years10524.94
11–18 years8319.7
≥ 18 years235.5
Day work shiftYes13431.8
Night work shiftYes102.4
  1. Violent crime: murder, assault and rape
  2. Non-violent crime: theft and fraud
  3. aOthers—burglary, terrorism, illegal immigration, traffic accident, contraband, guy, cheating, not following principle, not respecting appointment, hiding people, warning people, destruction of property