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Table 1 Neuropsychological test results during mania and after recovery

From: A case report of mania with abnormal cerebral blood flow and cognitive impairment 24 years after head trauma

   Manic stateAfter recoveryNormal
WAISIIITotal IQ 8596 
 Verbal IQ 9097 
  Verbal comprehension index8493 
  Working memory index8596 
  Digit span79 
  Letter–number sequencing57 
 Performance IQ 8295 
  Perceptual organization index9199 
  Picture completion68 
  Block design1111 
  Matrix reasoning911 
  Processing speed index7281 
  Digit symbol-coding46 
  Symbol research67 
BADS Rule shift cards test343.56
  Action program test443.77
  Key search test222.6
  Temporal judgment test112.15
  Zoo map test232.44
  Six elements test343.52
  Total score151818.05
  Standard by age8197 
WCST Categories achieved655.3
  Total errors121311.2
  Perseverative errors of Milner003.1
  Perseverative errors of Nelson111.6
  Maximum classification score256.6
  Difficulty of maintaining set000.8
  Unique errors000
Trail-making test Test A124 s98 s70.9 s
  Test B105 s105 s90.1 s
  1. During mania, WAIS-III, BADS, and trail-making test scores were low, but these were improved after recovery. WCST score was not affected during mania. WAIS-III scores associated with attention, i.e., digit span, letter–number sequencing, and picture completion, were low during mania and improved after recovery. WAIS-III scores associated with processing speed, i.e., digit symbol-coding and symbol research, were low during mania and partially improved after recovery