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Table 4 Pairwise comparisons of the undifferentiated anxiety with the syndromal and the no anxiety groups

From: Discerning undifferentiated anxiety from syndromal anxiety in acute-phase schizophrenia

GroupsSCID data setReplicative data set
Syndromal anxiety vs. undifferentiated anxiety
 Mean difference14.687.461.088.03
 BCa 95% confidence intervals10.34–9.213.73–10.98− 2.94–4.934.52–12.08
 Significancep < 0.001**p < 0.001**p = 0.627p < 0.001**
Undifferentiated anxiety vs. no anxiety
 Mean difference6.058.678.229.31
 BCa 95% confidence intervals4.16–8.095.62–11.583.90–12.716.08–12.37
 Significancep < 0.001**p < 0.001**p = 0.002**p < 0.001**
  1. ** Statistically highly significant