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Table 2 Pregnancy-related factors of women (n = 862) in West Shoa zone, Ethiopia, 2018

From: Prevalence and factors associated with depression among pregnant mothers in the West Shoa zone, Ethiopia: a community-based cross-sectional study

Number of gravidity  
 < 231836.9
 > 425829.9
Pregnancy intention  
Place of birth preceding most recent  
 Health institution33639.0
Mode of delivery  
 Spontaneous vaginal delivery72584.1
 Instrumental delivery9110.6
 Cesarean section465.3
The most recent birth attended by  
Health workers33639.0
History of complication during delivery  
History of abortion  
History of still birth  
ANC visit during previously pregnancy  
ANC visit during last pregnancy  
History of chronic illness  
Symptoms of pregnancy complication  
History of depression