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Table 3 Risk of relapse after the index substance use for related variables estimated by Cox proportional hazards model

From: Predictors of five-year relapse rates of youths with substance abuse who underwent a family-oriented therapy program

VariablesCox regression model
aHR (95% CI)P-value
Age (years)0.86 (0.60–1.21)0.383
 Female0.43 (0.14–1.34)0.145
Substance use
 MDMA or methamphetamine2.27 (1.02–5.06)0.046*
Previous conviction record
 With1.37 (0.55–3.42)0.501
Academic or social status
 Attending school1 
 Employed0.48 (0.18–1.27)0.138
 Dropout and unemployed0.96 (0.39–2.37)0.925
Family status
 Double-parent families1 
 Single-parent families2.77 (1.24–6.21)0.013*
 Grandparent(s)0.58 (0.12–2.74)0.489
Change of behavior-problem10.51 (1.70–65.01)0.011*
Change of family APGAR-caregivers0.75 (0.38–1.49)0.414
  1. aHR adjusted hazard ratio, 95% CI 95% confidence interval
  2. *p < 0.05