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Table 3 Psychosocial characteristics of study participants at FHRH, Bahir Dar, Northwest Ethiopia, 2016 (n = 416)

From: Psychosocial and clinical factors associated with depression among individuals with diabetes in Bahir Dar City Administrative, Northwest Ethiopia

Social supportaStrong support7117.1
Moderate support13231.7
Poor support21351.2
Burden of medication≤ 334683.2
 ≥ 47016.8
I feel afraid of long-term complications of diabetesaHigh fear22253.4
Low fear19446.6
I am scared that diabetes could affect my feetHigh fear19346.4
Low fear22353.6
I am afraid I may need kidney dialysis one dayHigh fear13933.4
Low fear27766.6
I worry about losing my eyesight because of diabetesHigh fear17141.1
Low fear24558.9
I worry diabetes increases chances of heart diseaseHigh fear12229.3
Low fear29470.7
Afraid of developing long-term complications as a result of frequent high blood sugarsHigh fear12830.8
Low fear28869.2
I am afraid I will develop kidney problems one dayHigh fear11026.4
Low fear30673.6
I worry that I might be at higher risk for having a strokeHigh fear9422.6
Low fear32277.4
Worry about your future health?High fear10826.0
Low fear30874.0
Worry about future when your blood sugars are erraticHigh fear10926.2
Low fear30773.8
  1. aSocial support was assessed by using Oslo 3-items Social Support Questionnaire and fear of complication was measured by revised fear of complications questionnaire (FCQ)