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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of study participants at Felege Hiwot referral hospital, Bahir Dar, Northwest Ethiopia, 2006 (n = 416)

From: Psychosocial and clinical factors associated with depression among individuals with diabetes in Bahir Dar City Administrative, Northwest Ethiopia

Types of diabetes mellitusType 117842.8
Type 223857.2
Diabetes treatment regimeOral hypoglycemic and insulin6014.4
Oral hypoglycemic agent only12429.7
Single insulin only23255.8
Duration of DM (years)≤ 831976.7
≥ 17174.1
Duration of DM Rx (years)≤ 832177.2
≥ 17204.8
Comorbid diseaseCardiovascular disease7016.8
Respiratory disease92.2
Neurological disease122.9
Renal disease112.6
Others disease133.1
Complication of diabetesDiabetic retinopathy5312.7
Diabetic nephropathy81.9
Diabetic neuropathy143.4
Sexual dysfunction194.6
Three consecutive average measurement of fasting plasma glucose level > 126 mg/dl26263.0
 < 72 mg/dl133.1
72 mg/dl–126 mg/ dl14133.9
  1. Rx treatment, DM diabetes mellitus, mg/dl milligram per deciliter