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Table 2 Distribution of participants according to dietary intakes

From: Dietary habits and psychological disorders in a large sample of Iranian adults: a population-based study

Dietary habitsaTotal (n = 9965)
N (%)
Sweetened drinks
 Not at all2464 (24.7%)
 Lower than once per week3109 (31.2%)
 Once or more per week4392 (44.1%)
Fast foods
 Not at all or few times per year5997 (60.2%)
 1–3 times per month2899 (29.1%)
 Once or more per week1069 (10.7%)
Canned foods
 Not at all or few times per year6982 (70.1%)
 1–3 times per month2358 (23.7%)
 Once or more per week625 (6.3%)
 Not at all395 (4.0%)
 Once per week282 (2.8%)
 More than once per week9288 (93.2%)
Sugar cubes (one sugar cube contains almost 3 g sugar)
 Not at all1613 (16.2%)
 1–2 cubes per day2270 (22.8%)
 More than 2 cubes per day6082 (61.0%)
Fried foods
 Not at all646 (6.5%)
 Lower than once per week2191 (22.0%)
 Once or more per week7128 (71.5%)
 Not at all6389 (64.1%)
 Lower than once per week2281 (22.9%)
 Once or more per week1295 (13.0%)
  1. aDietary habits for all items were presented as frequency of consumption except for sugar cubes which presented as serving of intake