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Table 4 Multivariate regression: predictors of admission in patients presenting to the emergency department post-suicide attempt

From: Characteristics of patients presenting post-suicide attempt to an Academic Medical Center Emergency Department in Lebanon

Variables OR (95% CI)
 ≤ 21 Reference
 22–49 years  0.24 (0.08–0.69)
Marital status
 Single Reference
 Married 0.38 (0.13–1.14)
Medication used
 Prescription medicine
  No Reference
  Yes 9.25 (2.12–40.42)
  No Reference
  Yes 0.10 (0.02–0.41)
At least one previous attempt
 No Reference
 Yes 2.38 (0.82–6.90)
Psychiatric consultation in the ED
 No Reference
 Yes 0.14 (0.04–0.52)