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Tobacco smoking in eating disordered female patients


Some smokers use tobacco in order to control weight. It is conceivable that eating disordered women smoke for that reason. Aim: to describe smoking features in eating disordered women; to show differences according to types of eating disorder and to identify factors explaining tobacco use in this population.

Materials and methods

A retrospective study including two hundred women diagnosed for eating disorders according to ICD-10 criteria. We gathered socio-demographic features and evaluated tobacco dependence with the Fagerström questionnaire (FTND).


The body mass index was the same in all smoking and no smoking eating disordered patients. FTND score and daily consumption of cigarettes in eating disordered smokers showed significant differences according to diagnostic groups of eating disorders. Age of smoking the first cigarette, age of beginning daily tobacco smoking and reasons of smoking did not display any significant differences between diagnostic groups. Daily smoking was much more frequent in bulimics.


Our study did not allow to reveal that tobacco is used to control weight in eating disordered women.


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