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Prevalence of PTSD in the Kerman schools students witnessing the Bam earthquake scenes on TV


Observing horrible scenes may lead to PTSD, also it is possible that observing these scenes on TV may lead to PTSD, however it is controversial.

Materials and methods

Using a cluster sampling procedure, 300 students from the Kerman schools were selected. A PTSD symptoms check list along with the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria were used to detect the symptoms 3 months after the Bam quake. All of them witnessed the Bam earthquake scenes on TV for at least one hour.


Result indicated that 195 were without any symptoms, 40 had the re-experience of the events in the form of repetitive remembering, 20 had avoidant behaviors, 19 had showed irritability, and 16 had detachment, and 10 had the full picture of the PTSD.


Considering the prevalence of the PTSD across children, care should be taken regarding observation of the horrible scenes by children.


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