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Subjective health definition and health behaviors in persons suffering from schizophrenia


Identification an importance of health as a value is considerable in preparing rehabilitation programs for patients suffering from mental disease, especially schizophrenia. Treatment should contains not only pharmacotherapy, but also social support and many changes in the environment to make their lifes more satisfying.

Materials and methods

  1. 1.

    List of Health Criteria - LKZ (by Z. Juczyński) consist of 24 affirmations describing three heath variants: physical, psychical and social. This test is used to identify a health definition.

  2. 2.

    Health Behavior Inventory - IZZ (by Z. Juczyński) consist of 24 affirmations describing different types of health behaviors.

30 patients (men) suffering from schizophrenia, 25-35 years old


Patients suffering from schizophrenia define health as ability to cooperate with other persons, to enjoy life and to control their feelings, emotions and vehemence. Persons suffering from schizophrenia as distinct from healthy persons declare more scrupulous behaviors related with control visit to psychiatries and listening their suggestions. Moreover they declare greater gwillingness to gain more medical informations about their disease (causes and treatment) and avoiding stress and strong emotions.


The most important result is that persons suffering from schizophrenia have very different kind of health definition, so if we want to construct rehabilitation programs, we have to try better to understand their perception of value.


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