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The psychiatric patient in emergency room and Z zone


Public mental health in a smal area of 8 boroughs and 74,753 inhabitans in the centre of Italy. Mental Health Departement during 1 year:almost 3500 psychiatric patients: 2.8% of the inhabitans of this small area. people presenting psychiatric desorders during the life, are estimated 25%; and then in this area possibly will be 28,000 persons who needed psychiatric help (OMS: 2001 Mental Health report).

Bipolar desorders 33%, anxiety and DAP 28%, schizophreniza 12%, borderline desorders 7%, psychosomatic desorders compulsive behaviour 6%, psychiatric symptoms in neurological desorders 5%, bhavioural desorder 4%, social problems 2.8%, il 1.5% eating desorders, psychiatric symptoms abuse related 0.7%.

Materials and methods

File archives research.


Standardized initial approach step by step in the emergency room or Z zone.


The psychiatric patient in emergency room and Z zone.

Drug Treatment parenterally administered.

Conscious or unconscious patient.

Step 1 objective problems caused by the initial approach

Step 2 difficulties of gathering initial anamnesis information

Step 3 therapeutics start (usually not standardized attempts of limiting drugs or persuasion method)or treatment of an unconscious patient with suicidal mania

Step 4 finding a suitable hospitalization area in advance to deal with the patient.

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