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The Spectrum Clozaril Clinic model: 12 years of postive outcome findings


Clozaril (generic form Clozapine) is an atypical antipsychotic medication that is appropriate for use with a subset of individuals with psychotic disorders who have not benefited from conventional antipsychotic medications.

Materials and methods

This poster provides an overview of a unique agency-based integrated outpatient model for treating consumers with Clozaril and reports on 12 years of outcome findings (n = 114). These are the outcomes for the first 12 years of the Spectrum Clozaril Clinic for the period of 1993-2005. The "Spectrum Clozaril Clinic" model is built on an interdisciplinary team approach that emphasizes the importance of regular peer interaction, at-site provision of ancillary services, and full coordination by the team of all other treatment, rehabilitation and support services, including specialized case management


Results indicate that Clozaril delivered within this model promotes an unusually high level of recovery from serious mental illness, including a dramatic level of relief from psychotic symptoms, shielding of suicidal impulses, and reducing inpatient hospitalizations.


The Spectrum Clozaril Clinic Model is a promising model to promote recovery from serious mental illness.

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