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Table 2 Factor loadings form the results of confirmatory factor analysis of the KIDSCREEN-52 study

From: Reliability and validity of the KIDSCREEN-52 health-related quality of life questionnaire in a Greek adolescent population

Scale/item b Scale/item b Scale/item b
Physical well-being: Self-perception: Social support and peers:
How would you say your health is? 0.70 Have you been happy with way you are? 0.62 Have you spent time with your friends? 0.62
Have you felt fit and well? 0.68 Have you been happy with your clothes? 0.67 Done things with other girls and boys? 0.63
Been physically active? 0.61 Been worried about the way you look? 0.65 Have you had fun with your friends? 0.67
Been able to run well? 0.76 Felt jealous of way other girls/boys look? 0.67 You and your friends helped each other? 0.81
Felt full of energy? 0.67 Like to change something about your body? 0.74 Able to talk about everything with friends? 0.70
Psychological well-being: Autonomy: Have you been able to rely on your friends? 0.78
Has your life been enjoyable? 0.65 Have you had enough time for yourself? 0.64 School environment:
Felt pleased that you are alive? 0.72 Able to do things/want to do in free time? 0.82 Have you been happy at school? 0.69
Felt satisfied with your life? 0.75 Had enough opportunity to be outside? 0.82 Have you got on well at school? 0.61
Been in a good mood? 0.79 Have you had enough time to meet friends? 0.72 Been satisfied with your teachers? 0.71
Felt cheerful? 0.72 Able to choose what to do in free time? 0.71 Have you been able to pay attention? 0.64
Had fun? 0.75 Parent relation and home life: Have you enjoyed going to school? 0.61
Moods and emotions Have your parent(s) understood you? 0.71 Got along well with your teachers? 0.64
Have you felt that you do everything badly? 0.64 Have you felt loved by your parent(s)? 0.72 Social acceptance (bullying)
Have you felt sad? 0.62 Have you been happy at home? 0.67 Been afraid of other girls and boys? 0.70
Felt so bad that didn't want to do anything? 0.61 Parent(s) had enough time for you? 0.75 Have other girls and boys made fun of you? 0.72
Felt that everything in life goes wrong? 0.73 Have your parent(s) treated you fairly? 0.65 Have other girls and boys bullied you? 0.67
Have you felt fed up? 0.76 Able to talk to parent(s) when wanted to? 0.77 Financial resources
Have you felt lonely? 0.77    Enough money to do things as friends? 0.84
Have you felt under pressure? 0.68    Had enough money for your expenses? 0.88
     Enough money to do things with friends? 0.86